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Every child deserves a strong start in school.


Monarch PK-8's full day kindergarten program provides an opportunity for students to learn through play.

1st Grade 

First grade at Monarch PK-8 is a space for exploration!

2nd Grade

In second grade at Monarch PK-8, we truly value collaboration.

3rd Grade

Third Grade at Monarch PK-8 is a pivotal year for children as they become more independent learners.

4th Grade

Fourth grade a Monarch PK-8 is a year where students focus on growth mindset and are encouraged to take risks.

5th Grade

Fifth grade at Monarch PK-8 is hands on, where our curriculum is explored through Inquiry and Project Based Learning.

6th Grade

Welcome to 6th grade! We believe in working together to ensure every student succeeds.

7th Grade

Welcome to 7th grade. We are an experienced and dedicated group of educators, working to nurture each student's unique potential by creating authentic and meaningful relationships.

8th Grade

Welcome to 8th grade! In 8th grade, we help our students build tenacity and work to their full potential.

School Life

There are many resources available for parents and students to explore in our School Life section.

Athletics and Activities

Monarch PK-8 has a wide variety of sports and activities that students can participate in to expand their opportunities.

School News

District News

teachers co-teaching in a classroom

In the Boulder Valley School District, a different approach to teaching is underway in many classrooms that is reshaping how students learn and teachers teach. These classes are using co-teaching models, a collaboration that nurtures a culture of inclusivity and growth in the classroom. The co-teaching instructional model emphasizes three fundamental pillars: student inclusion, exposure to grade-level content standards for emerging bilinguals, and developing and strengthening skills, abilities, processes and resources among teachers. 

Read More about Empowering every student: The impact of co-teaching in BVSD schools