Elementary Activities & Clubs Elementary Activities & Clubs

The activities program offers many different options for students to be involved. Some clubs are run by staff members and extend the classroom experience in one way or another. Other clubs offered are student-initiated and led directly by students based on interest.  Clubs are offered for elementary students at different times, either before or after school or even during recess time, all depending on the sponsor along with student input.   Information about these clubs is shared with students on the daily television announcements as well.

Elementary students interested in participating in club sponsored events must have parent permission.

Students can find out about what is offered each year from the front office or during student announcements .  Information can also be obtained through a link embedded at the end of each issue of the Mustang Messenger.

In order to make your time at Monarch PK-8 a full and rich experience, we encourage you to take advantage of the activities that we have to offer. If you need further information please contact us at 720-561-5605.​​​​​​​​



ASL (American Sign Language) Clubhttps://mo8.bvsd.org/AandA/elementaryactivities/Pages/ASL-(American-Sign-Language)-Club.aspxhttps://mo8.bvsd.org/AandA/elementaryactivities/Pages/ASL-(American-Sign-Language)-Club.aspx{4e49fb8a-e691-4b19-b094-a119dfabc149}ASL (American Sign Language) Club
Junior Great Bookshttps://mo8.bvsd.org/AandA/elementaryactivities/Pages/JuniorGreatBooks.aspxhttps://mo8.bvsd.org/AandA/elementaryactivities/Pages/JuniorGreatBooks.aspx{4e49fb8a-e691-4b19-b094-a119dfabc149}Junior Great Books<p>​Students in 1st through 5th grades may participate in Junior Great Books.</p>
Math Olympiadshttps://mo8.bvsd.org/AandA/elementaryactivities/Pages/Math-Olympiads.aspxhttps://mo8.bvsd.org/AandA/elementaryactivities/Pages/Math-Olympiads.aspx{4e49fb8a-e691-4b19-b094-a119dfabc149}Math Olympiads<p>​​Math Olympiads is a club for fourth and fifth graders who love to solve very difficult math problems. Typically, we discuss and solve the problems in small groups Then, five times a year we compete internationally using the Math Olympiad contests. </p>