I-CARE Philosophy I-CARE Philosophy

​In an effort to create a more personal environment and give direction to students in achieving positive educational, career and personal-social goals, Monarch K-8 staff and students established the ICARE Philosophy. ICARE represents traits we value and strive to demonstrate in our daily lives. Those traits are: Integrity, Community, Altruism, Respect, and Excellence. We hope that by focusing on these character traits we will all become better people – that we will be active participants in a safer, more caring community. On a regular basis staff recognizes students by giving them an ICARE “Mighty Mustang” award which can entered by the student into our weekly drawings for a variety of prizes to choose from on our weekly television announcements.

ICARE is delivered in a variety of ways – through daily discussions, curriculum, school-wide projects and special events. Examples of some ICARE activities include: No Place For Hate (non-bullying strategies, ally building, and role play), team development through games, assemblies, writing activities and surveys, lots of class discussions and many more.

We believe that these specific ICARE values, when honored in a firm and consistent fashion, will promote a school environment which supports learning to the greatest degree possible with the least amount of disruption. We have found that with an emphasis on ICARE traits, we have fewer discipline issues and a greater understanding of what an appropriate, caring community looks like. We strongly believe that students have the right to be treated with respect and to participate in their learning without unnecessary distractions. Students who demonstrate these traits experience success and a sense of accomplishment. Students who do not demonstrate these traits often find themselves frustrated and facing unpleasant consequences.

As a result of a yearlong ICARE activity, students and staff worked together to compose the Monarch K-8 Code of Conduct. This code is an integral part of Monarch K-8 culture.