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Special Programs


The DHoH center program is located at Monarch preK-8 and Monarch High School. Students who access the center program are those identified with a Deaf Hard of Hearing primary special education eligibility that need a sign language interpreter and/or students who need 3 or more hours of direct services a week from the Teacher of the Deaf ToD (1.5 for pre-K or Kindergarten level students).

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RISE(Reaching Independence through Structuring *or Structured* Environments). This would be the name for our programs designed for students with autism who have academics at or above their general education grade level band.

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Gifted and Talented

The BVSD Gifted and Talented Program strives to develop our children's greatest abilities and make possible the discovery and pursuit of their dreams which, when fulfilled, will benefit us all.

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ELD(English Language Development). At Monarch PK-8, equity serves as the foundation for all we do. All students bring a wealth of linguistic and cultural experiences that contribute to and support their learning.
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