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Schoology & Seesaw


Schoology is a learning management system that allows for digital delivery of course materials. Some teachers will be presenting classroom lessons through the platform, asking for students to submit assignments, participate in discussions, or take online assessments. Others might use the system just as a means of communication. Please check with your specific teacher regarding the expectations for Schoology usage in their classroom. 

Go to, enter your login information and click the Schoology icon to enter your class. 

For frequently asked questions, click here for English and here for Spanish

For the Schoology for BVSD parents guide, click here and in Spanish click here



SeeSaw is a tool that supports students and teachers in organizing assignments, boosting collaboration and increasing communication. Teachers can easily create classrooms, craft and schedule assignments, attach assessments, and differentiate assignments by student(s). Click on, sign in and click the SeeSaw icon

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